Craig Eddins is from Menan, Idaho.  He has been training dogs for the past 20 years.  He has had Heelers, Aussies, Border Collies and Kelpies.  He belongs to the Eastern Idaho Stock Dog Association and Western Cow Dog Association.  Craig is a pen rider for a feed yard so he knows what is needed in a true working situation and his dogs prove they are true working dogs. Craig has been invited to participate in the Red Bluff Bull, Gelding sale for the past 8 years. Red Bluff is a quality assurance sale and the dogs are "sifted" quite heavily. Craig has never been sifted.  In 2006 Craig, with his dog Maude , won all three rounds at Red Bluff earning first place and topped the sale.  I n 2007 Craig, with Butch , placed second at Red Bluff.  In 2009 he was 2nd with Al. In 2010.  He was 3rd with Pike.  He only trials a few times a year.  Craig will be conducting a clinic in May 8th n 9th at the Duvall Ranch in Granada, Colorado. He also gives private lessons at his home in Menan.  Craig enjoys training his own dogs as well as others.  He has worked with many breeds.

Eddins No Bluff Stock Dogs

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